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Sprin 2020 ECE 210 class

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Welcome to the Cañada College Library!  We can help you find information for your class assignments from many different sources, including Books, Articles, and Websites.

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Group Study Rooms can be reserved up to a week ahead and the library classroom may be used for group study.

The library has many textbooks on reserve that students can check out for 2 hours, one day or three days. Ask at the front desk to see if your textbook is available or check online.  

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Research Appointments with librarians give you the help you need with research or citations.


Why Not Just Use Google?

While there's a LOT of information available for free online, it can be very difficult to sort out what is credible and what is not. Use the tab above for Websites to find recommended websites and tips for better Google searching.

The Library's databases, though, have a much higher percentage of scholarly, professional, credible information; using those can save you time and effort. Use the tab above for Articles to find recommended databases and tips for searching.

Library Assignment


Research the history and the content of Developmentally Appropriate Practice DAP. Examine the education and psychological theories underpinning DAP.
In your paper:

• Identify who created the DAP guidelines and why;
• State the 3 Core Considerations of DAP;
• Choose an early childhood program/curriculum that you have read about in the text (Montessori, High Scope, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Parent Participation, etc) and describe how that program addresses the three core DAP considerations. This is where your scholarly research will come in- use professional journals to find out more about the program or curriculum that you have chosen.

Getting Started - Choose & Define Your ECE Program / Curriculum


If you want more general context than is in your course text:

  1. click on the link below for the Gale eBooks, then
  2. choose the EDUCATION collection, then
  3. browse the contents of those reference e-books to find material of interest. (Useful titles to consult are: Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy, From the Brain to the Classroom, and Psychology of Classroom Learning.)


If you want more specific information on DAP than is in your course text:

  1. click on the link below for the Gale eBooks, then
  2. in the search box, type this phrase: Developmentally Appropriate Practice; and
  3. browse the entries that come up.


If you want an overview of a specific early childhood program or curriculum (for example, Montessori or Waldorf or Parent Participation):

  1. click on the link below for the Gale eBooks, then
  2. in the search box, type the name of the program or curriculum; and
  3. browse the entries that come up.

More Research


Next - click on the tab at the top for ARTICLES to look for information in article from professional education journals.