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ENGL 847 QEH East Palo Alto Academy - Anderson: Welcome

Rene Anderson

Welcome to your local college library!

College libraries help students succeed in college.  Librarians help with research for assignments. Library assistants check out textbooks, calculators, and other equipment. 

The Cañada College Library is one of 35 libraries in the Peninsula Library System. A library card from one PLS library gives you access to books and materials at three community colleges, Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College, and 32 public library branches from Daly City and South San Francisco to Half Moon Bay and Redwood City.

That means you can check out a book at Cañada College Library and return it to East Palo Alto Library!

Grammar, spelling & punctuation

Statistics and infographics

If you need statistics or an infographic to illustrate your data, use the Statista database.

Pro & Con articles and editorials

The Opposing Viewpoints database includes scholarly - also called peer-reviewed or academic - articles as well as popular press articles. This database also has editorials written for and against many controversial matters and has videos and photos.

Popular press articles

Popular press articles appear in daily and weekly newspapers, like the Los Angeles Times, and weekly and monthly magazines, like The Economist, Vanity Fair or The Atlantic. Articles are written by journalists who have a general knowledge of their topics and who quote experts on both sides of an issue and include a neutral source.

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