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Poster Session: Resources

This guide will assist you with creating posters for class (and other) presentations.

Making Your Poster Accessible

Making Your Poster Accessible


Some common software you can use to design all or part of your poster include:




Adobe Illustrator


Microsoft Word (poster template)

Rules for Posters

Images You Can Use For Your Posters

There are many places you can get images for your posters. CSM Library has put together the “Resource Guide to Free & Copyright-friendly Images Online” that provides the following list.

Tutorials, Tips, and Other Resources

Video Tutorials

Producing an Academic Poster

The Better Posters Blog

This text box provides links to Better Posters, a rolling blog related to creating posters for presentations. As this box updates automatically as the blog produces content, CSM Library can make no claim to its ongoing credibility or the accuracy of its information. 


This box will display the most recent 10 posts. If the titles displayed seem helpful to you, you can visit the website for its full archive.

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