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TLC Students - Textbooks, Laptops, and Calculators Program: Information

TLC Description

TLC (Textbooks, Laptops, and Calculators) Program - Library and Learning Center

The TLC Program is a collection of textbooks, laptops, and graphing calculators that eligible students can check out for one semester.

Students must be enrolled in an English Basic Skills (READ or 800 level ENGL), Math Basic Skills (811, 110, 120, 190), or ESL class to qualify. We do not carry textbooks for MATH 190 but students in those classes can check out a laptop and/or calculator.

Recommendation by a Retention Specialist or Financial Coach is required.

How to Renew TLC Items

Renew Textbooks, Laptops, and Calculators every 3 weeks

· Email (include name, library card number, and G number)

· In-person (Mon-Thurs 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-3pm, Sat 10am-2pm)

· Over the phone 650-306 - 3267


List of Retention Specialists and Financial Coaches

Basic Skills and ESL Students

         Hannah Morrison - Retention Specialist for Basic Skills

         Phone:  650-306-3356

         Office:  BLDG 9-214

         Diana Espinoza Osuna - Retention Specialist for ESL and CBET

Phone: 650-306-3488

Office: BLDG 3-147

        Jessica Boyle - Retention Specialist for EOPS

Phone: 650-306-3553

Office: BLDG 9-131

Yesenia Mercado - Financial Coach

Phone: 650-306-3280

Office: BLDG 9-109

Julia Lamson - Financial Coach/SparkPoint Coordinator

Phone: 650-381-3552

Office: BLDG 3-125


STEM Students

Gonzalo Arrizon - STEM Retention Specialist

Phone: 650-306-3463

Office: BLDG 9- STEM Center, 2nd Floor

Olivia Viveros - STEM Retention Specialist

Phone: 650-381-3589

Office: BLDG 9- 257

Sally Heath - STEM Retention Specialist

Phone:  650-381-3556