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HIST 422 Modern Latin American Field: Articles

What is a Scholarly Article?

Scholarly articles are written by experts in the field and, additionally, reviewed by a panel experts in the field.  They tend to include a lot of research and data, and the information in the article is backed up by a list of references. 

Example of a Journal with Scholarly Articles

Botany Journal Cover







Popular articles are often written by journalists for a general audience and are not reviewed by experts in the field.  Popular articles rarely include references.

Example of a Magazine with Popular Articles

People Magazine Cover







For more detailed information on what a scholarly article looks like, see the excellent tutorial Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.

JSTOR Database

JSTOR includes over one thousand high-quality academic journals across the sciences, humanities, social sciences, arts and economics/business.
To search the journals in a specific discipline (example, biology):

 •Go to Advanced Search
 •Scroll down to  Discipline(s) and/or Title(s):
 •Check the box for that discipline (example: Biological Sciences)

Ask a librarian or go here for questions about using this database.

Academic Search Premier Database


Academic Search Premier is a multidisciplinary database and thus can be used to find information on research paper topics for any of your classes at Cañada College. This database includes:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Academic journal articles
  • Images
  • Reports


CQ Researcher Database

CQ Research includes current, hot topic reports providing unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy.

Reports include:

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Background
  • Current Situation
  • Outlook
  • Pro/Con
  • Chronology
  • Short Features
  • Maps/Graphs
  • Bibliography

CountryWatch Database

CountryWatch provides up-to-date news and information on each of the recognized countries of the world.

Ethnic NewsWatch Database

Ethnic Newswatch provides information on issues concerning a variety of ethnicities including, African American/Caribbean/African, Arab/Middle Eastern, Asian/Pacific Islander, European/Eastern European, Hispanic, Jewish and Native People.

Ethnic Newswatch proporciona información de periodicos de una variedad de grupos étnicos, incluyendo, Afro Americano / Caribe / África, Árabe / Oriente Medio, Asia / Islas del Pacífico, Europa / Europa del Este, Hispanos, Judíos y Pueblos Indígenas.  Incluye periódicos en español.

In this database you will find:

  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

To learn about using this database go here!