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Primary Sources: Photographs

Library of Congress Flicker Project

The Commons

Flicker Commons includes photographs from libraries, museums, and archives throughout the world.


Men of the community of Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940 (Library of Congress)
"Chippers." Women War Workers of the Marinship Corp, 1942 (National Archives)
Women in the Kitchen Preparing a Meal, 1940 (Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest)

FSA / OWI Photographs

The Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection are among the most famous documentary photographs ever produced. Created by a group of U.S. government photographers, the images show Americans in every part of the nation. In the early years, the project emphasized rural life and the negative impact of the Great Depression, farm mechanization, and the Dust Bowl. In later years, the photographers turned their attention to the mobilization effort for World War II. The core of the collection consists of about 164,000 black-and-white photographs.

Toward Los Angeles (Dorothea Lange, 1937)

Black Panther Photographs

Calisphere includes primary sources from throughout California.  Click here to see photographs and other images of the Black Panther Movement.