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BIOL 230 Staples: Library Assignment

Cell & Molecular Biology

Library Assignment

1.  Look up your topic in the Library's Access Science database.  Read a bit about your topic and write down any keywords or figures.


2a.  Using your list of keywords and figures, try searching for articles in ProQuest Natural Science Collection.  On the homepage, click the small boxes that say "Full text" and "peer reviewed."   


2b.  Select two (2) articles that look interesting. Read the abstracts a couple of times.  E-mail the articles to yourself. (Reminder: check the box to "Include bibliographic citations at the end").


3a.  Still have time?  Try searching PubMedCentral.   Enter your key concepts as phrases in the search box. Be specific! The more terms you enter, the narrower your search results will be.


3b. Try using some of the Filters to add search terms and narrow your results even further.


3c.  E-mail yourself the citation using PubMed's built-in citation tool. 


Question: Did you have difficulty with this assignment?

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