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ENGL 100 Maher: Wikipedia?!?


Scholars often take swipes at Wikipedia, claiming that it dumbs down education and encourages intellectual laziness. But in an article in Science Progress, a scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas argues that bans on Wikipedia are irresponsible.


Comedian Stephen Colbert gives a humorous explanation of how Wikipedia works.  “Together we can create a reality we all agree on---the reality we just agreed on.”

Is Wikipedia a good site for college research?



Is Wikipedia a good source for college research?

What do you think? 


  1. Great diving board, but not a swimming pool!
  2. The swimming pool is the body of information found in books, websites, and articles
  3. Build background knowledge with Wikipedia
  4. Information might not be authoritative
  5. Ue the notes and references at the bottom to lead to other information
  6. Don't copy and paste and then change the words around -- that's plagiarism