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PLSC 310 California Poli-Sci Historical Biography: Articles

Accessing Databases

 Accessing Databases

To access any of Cañada Library's Databases, like Opposing Viewpoints, you will need go to the library's homepage and select the Articles tab. Once selected, click on the database name you would like to access from the Browse Databases From A-Z pull down menu.

From off campus, you will need to enter your library card number and sometimes your 4-Digit Pin (the last 4 digits of your phone number) or your last name:

America: History & Life database



Super Search

Scholarly vs. Popular


Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Academic Journals are considered scholarly sources because they are created to further knowledge in academic fields and educate, while newspapers and magazines are considered popular sources because they are created to inform or to entertain.


U.S. History in Context database

Academic Search Complete