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ESL 924: Databases: Find Articles

Grammar/Writing IV

Definition: Database

What is a database?

A database is an online collection of resources. Databases often contain articles from newspapers, magazines and academic journals, but can also contain reference sources, books, reports and a variety of other resources. To find relevant information in a database, you will need to conduct keyword searches.


Use the databases to brainstorm and explore topics.

Accessing Databases

To access any of Cañada Library's Databases, like Opposing Viewpoints, you will need go to the library's homepage and select the Articles tab. Once selected, click on the database name you would like to access from the Browse Databases From A-Z pull down menu. 


Here are a few portal pages (a page that is set up to help you see many topics related to the Internet, social media, new media and similar issues) that will help you explore issues concerning social media:

Opposing Viewpoints: Internet Issues

Opposing Viewpoints: Technology and Society

Opposing Viewpoints: Cyberbullying

Recommended Database: Opposing Viewpoints


Opposing Viewpoints is a controvercial topics database. This is an excellent database for exploring a "hot topic" issue like social media. In this database, you will find:


  • Encyclopedia (reference) entries
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Magazine Articles
  • Academic Journal Articles
  • Viewpoint Essays
  • Statistics
  • Images
  • Media
  • Recommended Websites