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ESL 924: Activity

Grammar/Writing IV

Emailing Articles?

How do I email myself an article in Opposing Viewpoints?

In Opposing Viewpoints, once you have chosen an article, select Email from the Tools menu on the right hand side of the page.

Class Assignment

For your class, you will be writing a two page argumentative essay. Below is one of the essay prompts that we will focus on in this library orientation:
Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, do not report the news. Instead, they provide opportunities to meet or stay connected with friends. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages  of social media in our modern lives. Decide whether social media are beneficial or harmful. Support your point of view with reasons and examples.

Library Activity

Explore Opposing Viewpoints:

  1. Browse through the Online Social Networks portal page in Opposing Viewpoints
  2. Look through some of the titles and articles; write down a few keywords that are related to the topic of social media (privacy, cyberbullying, etc.). These keywords can be plugged into the Opposing Viewpoints search box (or other library databases) to find more relevant information on your topic. Be ready to share your keywords with the class!
  3. Find one or more articles related to your topic and email them to yourself.

Brainstormed Keywords

Keywords to use when searching the databases on social media: