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ESL 924: Librarian's Example

Grammar/Writing IV

Librarian's Example

Jessica's Sample Essay Topic:

The Dakota Access Pipeline threatens the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


Keywords: Brainstorming

Oil pipeline

“Dakota Access Pipeline”


Sioux tribe

Lakota Sioux

“Standing Rock Sioux”

“Standing Rock”



Works Cited

"Understanding the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2016. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 4 Nov. 2017


In text-citation (MLA 8)

     The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is against  the pipeline’s construction and projected route, which run very close to the skirts near the Standing Rock Reservation. According to the tribe, the pipeline directly threatens public health and the water supply (“Understanding Dakota Pipeline”). That is why in April 2016, a small group of protestors set up a camp on the Standing Rock Reservation.