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ESL 924: In Class Activity

Grammar/Writing IV


Library Class Assignment

Professor Julie Carey,

November 6, 2017

Get out a blank sheet of notebook paper and write your name and today's date.

You will turn in this sheet to Professor Carey at the end of class.  

  1. Write down the topic you've selected to research.
  2. Write down some keywords that describe your topic. (Remember, you can add new or better words as you search).
  3. Using your keywords, try a database search in A) Opposing Viewpoint  OR B) GVRL.
  4. Write down the TITLE of the best article you found and the name of the library database where you found it.
  5. Click on the TITLE of the article to open it up. 
  6. With out closing your article database page, open a new Microsoft Word or Google Docs document for yourself.  Title the page “Works Cited.” 
  7. Go back to your open article and select the  “Citation Tools” button on the right side of the article database screen. Select MLA 8 format; your citation will appear in the text box.
  8. Cut and paste (Command C, Command V) the entire article citation into your “Works Cited” page.
  9. Use a citation guide to make sure your article is cited correctly.  Use A) MLA Quick Guide library handout and B) Purdue OWL website. Select From here, select MLA In-text Citations: The Basics. Then scroll down to  Citing non-print or sources from the Internet
  10. If using Microsoft Word, save your Works Cited page to the computer desktop and email it to yourself.