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ENGL 100 Freyberg Alone Together: Assignment

Library Assignment

Today we will be reviewing databases to find four print sources from periodicals for your research project (workshop handout attached below)

1.  Opposing Viewpoints  Opposing Viewpoints presents different perspectives on controversial topics.  Look up your research project and send yourself at least two sources.  Be sure to identify the MLA citation. 

2. Academic Search Premier is a multidisciplinary database and thus can be used to find information on research paper topics for any of your classes at Cañada College. This database includes:

3.  JSTOR includes over one thousand high-quality academic journals across the sciences, humanities, social sciences, arts and economics/business.

4. Super Search Super Search looks across multiple collections of books and periodicals, including databases, ebooks, and books from the Peninsula Library System. Identify at least two sources using Super Search. Create a MLA citation for your sources using the database citation tools or EasyBib.

*Be sure you have MLA citations for all of your sources

*Write down some of the keywords you learned while doing your research


English 100 AG, Freyberg, Spring 2013- Essay 3: Research Paper on a Topic from Alone Together


For this essay, you will ask, research, and answer a question that intrigues you in a paper of seven to nine pages. The question needs to connect to one of the many topics that are addressed in Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together, which we are reading and discussing in class. Your goal should be to learn enough to give your opinion in an essay with evidence that you find to back it up as well as to refute the arguments of others.


The essay needs to be 7 – 9 full pages plus Works Cited page. One of your sources will be Alone Together. In addition, you will need four or more other sources drawn from print sources in our library’s databases.

Once you have identified your required print sources, you may use others such as credible websites and videos. However, you may not include encyclopedias or wikipedia, although these are good launching pads. Ask me if you have any doubts about a source.

Format:  Regular MLA format for essays. No cover sheet. 12-point font (Times Roman or Calibri), double-spaced, 1” margins, indented paragraphs, and so on.

Choose and frame your citations carefully. Paraphrase or summarize more than you quote. Your final essay folder should contain all of the papers that went into creating this essay including this handout, research notes on index cards or printouts, Xeroxes of pages with the material that you cited, Library workshop notes, all discovery, planning, outline, peer response forms, and all drafts. You need to submit outline with thesis and all three drafts to TurnItIn. This will allow you to use TurnItIn tools on your own work and it will let me give you feedback in a more timely way.

Suggested sources for help

·         Instructor and Librarians at Cañada

·         Rules for Writers, chapters 53-60. See the sample calendar for a research assignment, p. 420.

·         Compact Reader, Appendix (p. 362-385)

·         Examples of research papers online in OWL and Hacker

·         Library databases and librarian-vetted websites

·         They Say, I Say

Date                            Milestones                    

March 4        Receive and analyze the assignment. We will brainstorm on March 6.

                  Write topics and questions you might explore and be prepared for March 11 workshop.

March 11      Bring potential research topics/questions to our Library workshop.

March 18      Settle on a topic; narrow the focus. Revise research question. Get teacher approval.

                  Locate sources. Read, take notes, and compile a working bibliography.*

March 25      Draft a working thesis and an outline. Print and submit to TurnItIn. Feedback.

                  Start drafting paper.

April 10       Draft 1 (printed and in TurnItIn) is due for feedback.

April 17       Draft 2 (printed and in TurnItIn) & Peer response are due.

April 24       Draft 3 (printed and in TurnItIn) with complete folder is turned in.


*Note:  Once you select your topic, you will need to choose between 2 methods of taking research notes: index cards or computer notes. See the following for further instruction:

See for helpful information on index cards or

See for help with keeping notes using a computer.