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Castello: ESL 924: Assignment

Essay Prompt and Requirements

Essay Prompt:
Is social media more beneficial or more harmful in our modern lives? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media and support your point of view with reasons, facts, and examples.


A persuasive essay is based on an issue. For this essay assignment, you have to decide whether social media is more beneficial or more harmful. You must convince the reader that you are right. That's why this is called a persuasive essay. Your argument must be supported by facts from research. You may also include real-life examples. The stronger your support, the stronger your argument will be. For this type of essay, you must include the opposing views of your argument. In other words, if you believe social media does more harm than good in our society, you must also discuss how it also benefits our society in order to show that you are aware of the other side's arguments, but that yours is right.


The essay must include at least two facts, figures, or examples from a source.
It must have a Works Cited list at the end of the essay.
It should have 5-6 paragraphs total.
It should be about 2 pages.