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COMM 180: Introduction to Communication Studies : APA Citation

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EasyBib: What Is It?

What is EasyBib?

EasyBib is an automatic bibliography composer. When you have sources you need to cite properly for your research paper, EasyBib will help you format your sources quickly and accurately.

What is the difference between EasyBib and Zotero, EndNote and RefWorks? EasyBib creates, saves and organizes bibliographies. Zotero, EndNote and RefWorks are more sophisticated tools: they allow you to save and organize documents as well as creating bibliographies.

How do I use EasyBib?

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More Questions? APA Resources

Diana Hacker's APA Style:  The Social Sciences has extensive information on in-text citation and creating a list of references.

The OWL at Purdue:  APA Style  Another source of information about in-text citation and creating a list of references.

EasyBib  A guided citation builder -- entering your citation information and EasyBib will help you format your citation.

Sample APA Paper

Click here to see a sample research paper.

  APA In-Text Citation

Basic Format for a Short Quote

Introduce the quotation with a signal phrase that includes the author’s last name followed by the year of publication in parentheses. Put the page number (preceded by “p.”) in parentheses after the quotation.

Critser (2003) noted that despite growing numbers of overweight
Americans, many health care providers still “remain either in
ignorance or outright denial about the health danger to the poor
and the young” (p. 5).

Basic Format for a Longer Quote

Longer quotes are indented to set them off.

A Report by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (2004) outlined trends that may have contributed to the childhood obesity crisis, including food advertising for children as well as

a reduction in physical education classes and after-school athletic programs, an increase in the availablity of sodas and snacks in public schools, a growth in the number of fast food outlets..., and the increasing number of highly processed, high-calorie and high-fat grocery products.  (p. 1)

Basic Format for a Summary or Paraphrase
Include the author’s last name and the year either in a signal phrase introducing the material or in parentheses following it.
According to Carmona (2004), the cost of treating obesity is
exceeded only by the cost of treating illnesses from tobacco use.


APA List of References

When you use outside sources, you will need to create a references list that tells your reader all the information they need to go find the source themselves if they want to.  Commonly used sources include:


Highmore, B. (2001). Everyday life and cultural theory. New York:


Articles from Databases

Howard, K. R. (2007). Childhood overweight: Parental perceptions     

          and  readiness for change. The Journal of School Nursing,

          23(2), 73-79.  Retrieved from PsycINFO database.



Cain, A., & Burris, M. (1999, April). Investigation of the use of mobile

aaaaaphones while driving. Retrieved January 15, 2000, from


Encyclopedia Entries

Bergmann, P.G.  (1993).  Relativity.  In The new encyclopaedia

          Britannicaa(vol 26, pp. 501-508).  Chicago:  Encyclopaedia



More information about APA citation.

Cañada College Library APA Quick Guide