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COMM 180: Introduction to Communication Studies : Articles

Welcome to your Library! Let's explore library resources to help you find information for your Interpersonal Communication topic.

Accessing Databases


Accessing Databases

To access any of Cañada Library's Databases, like Opposing Viewpoints, you will need go to the library's homepage and select the Articles tab. Once selected, click on the database name you would like to access from the Browse Databases From A-Z pull down menu

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition Database

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition provides information on many health topics with a strong focus on nursing and allied health articles. This database includes:

  • scholarly journal articles
  • magazine articles
  • trade publication articles


Super Search



Gale Virtual Reference Library Database

Gale Virtual Reference Library contains keyword searchable reference sources. Good starting point; get an overview of a topic and identify some keywords you can use to search for articles. In this database, you will find:

  • encyclopedias
  • dictionaries
  • almanacs
  • yearbooks
  • directories

Ask a librarian or go here for questions about using this database.

List of Databases

The library has many more databases than listed on this page. Depending on your research topic, you might find more informational sources in our other databases. Click here for a list of our databases.

Accessing Databases


If you are off campus, you will need to log in with your library card number and pin (last for digits of your phone number).

Academic Search Premier Database


Academic Search Premier is a multidisciplinary database and thus can be used to find information on research paper topics for any of your classes at Cañada College. This database includes:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Academic journal articles
  • Images
  • Reports


Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection Database

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection is a comprehensive database covering information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational & experimental methods. In this database you will find:

  • Academic Journal articles
  • Primary Research articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Images like photopgraphs, charts and graphs


Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center Database

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center focuses on controversial issues; overviews; conflicting viewpoints; articles are mainly from popular sources. In this database you will find:

  • Viewpoint articles
  • Topic overviews
  • Statistics
  • Biographies
  • Primary documents
  • Images and podcasts
  • Court cases
  • Profiles of agencies and groups
  • Academic journal articles
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Links to relevant/reviewed websites
  • A Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary

View the tutorial on how to conduct a search in this database here!