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READ 826 and 836 Valenzuela: Finding a Good Book for Fun

Help students find a fun book (novel, autobiography or biography).

Library Catalog

Library Catalog

The Peninsula Library System Catalog includes books from libraries throughout San Mateo County.  To search only for books at Cañada,under location select Cañada.

To request books from other libraries, place a Hold.  You will be asked to enter your library card number and PIN.  The book will be sent to Cañada in 3-5 days.

Reading by Adrijan Karavdic from The Noun Project

Finding a Book Video


Welcome to your library! Today we will:

Explore the Library Catalog to find a fun book to read!


Let’s do a quick search together:

  1. Type in Baseball and fiction. How many results did you get? 
  2. Limit to Adult Level Books. Now how many results?
  3. Scroll down and look at the results. Find number 15: The Setup Man: A Novel by T.T Monday.
  4. How many pages does it have?
  5. What is the book about?
  6. Does Cañada Library have this book?
  7. How would you get this book sent to Cañada?

Now, you try! Find a book in the catalog that you might want to read for this class.

  1. What words did you type in the search box?
  2. How many results did you get?
  3. Limit your search to Adult Level Collection. Now how many did you get?
  4. Find a book that looks interesting to you. What is the title?
  5. How many pages does it have?
  6. Did you get it from the shelf?
  7. If it's at another library, did you put a hold on it?

Do You Have a Library Card?

Do you have a Library Card?

You can use any San Mateo County library card at Cañada College Library.

To apply for a Library Card CLICK HERE

With a library card you can check out books and access online databases from off-campus with your library card barcode and PIN number. Have any questions? Ask us at the circulation desk!

Orientation Worksheet