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Open Education Resources & Zero Cost Textbooks: Cañada College's OER champions

Where to find open, free & affordable textbooks

Open Education Resources (OER) champions at Cañada College

Textbook champions use open access textbooks in their classes, saving students money. If you know an instructor using a textbook students don't have to pay for - or only pay a nominal fee to use - please email us. In the meantime, please check at the Cañada College Library to see if we have your textbook on reserve or to find out if you qualify for free textbook access through the Textbook Learners Collection.

Jeanette Green

Cañada College biology Instructor Jeanette Green uses a textbook available through OpenStax to teach BIOL 250-Human Anatomy: Anatomy & Physiology. Download for free at Thank you, OpenStax and Rice University.