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English 100 Enrique's Journey: Home

Immigration unit based on the book "Enrique's Journey."



Welcome English 100 Students to

Cañada College Library!  

.Let us help you navigate through the information maze!    

Class Goals

This session will  introduce you to  resources that are available from Canada library and to research strategies that you will need to use these resources. The session is intended to help you develop a conceptual framework for conducting research and to practical strategies for using databases and the WWW for research. 

Available Resources








Make sure you have a library card from a San Mateo County Library.  We share resources with all the public libraries and colleges in San Mateo County! 

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Other Services


Printing ($0.12/page) PCs & Macs (no printing on Macs, sorry)

DVD players & VCRs – All computers can play DVDs, and we have two study rooms with TVs for group viewing of DVDs or videos

Study Rooms – We have 5 group study rooms and a silent study room. The group study rooms have sign-up sheets on the doors and can be reserved any time during the week

Computers - We have over 40 computers available for students. No time limit or sign-up required!




Contact a librarian:

Marie Varelas;

Valeria Estrada;

Diana Tedone;