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READ 836 Valenzuela: Source Evaluation: Criteria

President Trump's Travel Bans

Criteria for Evaluating Sources

C.R.A.P. Test Evaluating Research Sources


              Is the information recent enough for your topic?

  •   Has it been published in the last x years? (x will vary, depending on your topic)

  • Reliability/Relevance of Content

    Where does the information come from, and does the information apply to your topic?

  •   Is it a primary or secondary source?

  •   Are methods or references provided?

  •   Who published the information?

  •   Was it peer-reviewed?

  •   Does all of the information apply to your topic, or only part of it?

  •   Is the information general or detailed?

  •   Is the information balanced or biased?


    Who authored this information?

  •   Was it a single person or several people?

  •   Was it a corporation or organization?

  •   Are their credentials provided?

  •   What is their reputation or expertise?


    What was the intent of the author, and how is the author connected to the information?

  •  Who is the intended audience?

  •   Is the information intended to inform, persuade, sell, entertain, ...?

  •   Is this a first-hand account of an event or research?

  •   Does the author have a vested interest in the topic?  

  • Additional Questions for Online Sources:

What is the domain (i.e. .com, .org, .gov, .edu)?

Who is the site publisher or sponsor, and is this information easy to find?

Has it been updated recently?

Are there any advertisements or other distractions?

Could the site be ironic, like a satire or a spoof?