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READ 836 Valenzuela: Source Evaluation: Activity

President Trump's Travel Bans

Online Articles for Evaluation

Start by reading (on your own) the article you've been assigned.

Next, answer the questions #1 through #5 below together, applying the "C.R.A.A.P. Test" 

Be prepared to answer the questions out loud at the end of the class.


Questions to Ask Yourselves

1. What kind of article did you find? (magazine, newspaper, etc.)


2. Who is the publisher of the article? What is the name of the source? (i.e. The New York Times)


3. Who is the author of the site or article? What are his/her qualifications? Is he/she an expert?


4. Does the author/website/publisher have a political perspective? (i.e. Conservative/Right, Liberal/Left, etc.)


5. Would this article be appropriate for a college research paper? Why or why not?