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ENGL100 Clay Climate Change: Internet Sources

Research guide to selected resources on Climate Change/Global Warming

Climate 411

"Climate 411 is the voice of the experts at Environmental Defense Fund, providing  explanations of climate change science, technology, policy, and news." 

Evaluating Your Web Sources

The C.R.A.P. Test in Action

Credit: Portland State University Library

Learn about Climate Change

Learn More about Climate Change

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions: The Basics

Global Warming- Science - The New York Times

The Science of Global Warming (Union of Concerned Scientists)

World Climate Data

National Climatic Data Center: Global Analysis - Annual 2017

Use this interactive site to learn more details about the recent finding that 2014 saw the highest average global temperature since recording began.

The History of Global Warming Research

Science and Politics of Climate Change (New York Times)

Timeline Climate Change (Timeline published in the New Scientist, Sept. 2006)

Climate Change: Discovery of Global Warming (hosted by American Institute of Physics)