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ESL 912: Prof. Castello: Articles and Videos

What other types of sources can I use?

Why should I use a library article database?

Besides books, articles and videos can be great sources for a presentation about a famous activist. Library articles databases have thousands of articles and films you can access on campus or from home using your library card - for free!

Biography in Context and Films on Demand are two very good library article databases for your research.

You'll also want to put your activist in historical context. World History in Context and US History in Context are great databases for learning more about the movements and politics your activist was a part of.

Biography in Context Database

World History In Context Database

Films on Demand

Films on Demand

Films on Demand is an online library of streaming videos, covering a wide range of educational topics making it easily accessible to you and your students. Subscription includes various subjects including, Anthropology, Nursing, History, Languages, etc. Links to individual film titles and segments can be shared with your students via Canvas, email or your personal website.  Off-campus users will be prompted to login using a valid PLS library card.

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