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ENGL 100 Clay - Criminalization of Drug Use: Books

fall 2018 ENGL 100 course, David Clay

Subject Headings

Subject headings can be useful, especially when you either have too many results from a keyword search, or when you have too few results.

These are some of the official subject headings that we use in the catalog for many of your research topics.

Drug control -- United States. ("war on drugs")

Drugs of abuse -- United States -- History (history of U.S. drug laws)

Drug legalization -- United States

Drug traffic [-- United States or --Mexico , etc.]

Marijuana -- Government policy

Heroin abuse (but for opiates, use the term Narcotics or Drug abuse)

Drug addiction (for medical issues; use Drug addiction -- Treatment for rehab)

Discrimination in criminal justice administration -- United States (unequal jail sentences and other discrimination)

African American prisoners. 

Race discrimination -- United States.

As you do your research, keep a list of subject terms or keywords (example: words like "android" and phrases like "computer science") that help you get to the information you are looking for.

Library Catalog

The Peninsula Library System Catalog shows the books available from libraries throughout San Mateo County. To access and search the catalog, you will need go to the library's homepage and select the Books tab. Once selected, type in the keyword (e.g. your topic) that you are researching then select the Go button.

To search for books only at Cañada, under the pull down menu select Search Cañada Library.



Search our Academic Ebooks Collection.

Print and ebooks together!

Use Super Search to search for print and ebooks at the same time. Enter your search terms and then use the left hand column to limit your results to Source Type-->Books.

Ebooks at Canada College

  • EBSCO Academic ebooks  70,000 full-text ebooks on academic subjects from business to science and engineering to the humanities
  • Safari Tech Books provides access to over 5000 technical and business ebooks. Browse by most popular titles. Read on your computer or mobile device.
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