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ENGL 836/847 - Terzakis - Dominican Republic & Source Credibility: Home

Professor Elizabeth Terzakis


Professor Elizabeth Terzakis

Humanities and Social Sciences - English

BLDG 03-213



Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Map

Getting Started

You can find many websites about the Dominican Republic. How do you decide which ones to trust? Today, we will learn how to gauge the credibility, or trustworthiness, of websites.

Professor Terzakis' words of wisdom: Be skeptical, but don't be paranoid!


Excellent Websites

Wait a minute! What's the CIA? Do I trust it? Let's talk!
Country report on Dominican Republic. Written in 1989. 
Amnesty International
Human rights in the Dominican Republic: 2010
2010 report on democracy and human rights in the Dominican Republic
2010 report on corruption worldwide, including in the Dominican Republic. Powerful graphics and useful comparisons.


Subject Guide