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Not sure where to begin? Start Here!

You need to write an argumentative paper. You need to research a controversial social issue.  You need to compare the pros and cons of an issue.

  1. Decide on a general topic of interest: Gun Control

    • For suggestions on topics browse these databases:



  2. Think about the specific aspect of this topic that is interesting to you: Availability of large capacity ammunition clips

  3. Create a research question or thesis statement
    • What effect does limiting the size of ammunition clips have on safety of the American public?
    • What are the arguments for and against limiting the size of ammunition clips?

  4. Do not make your topic too broad (gun control).

  5. Do not make your topic too narrow (effect of gun control on the youth population in the city of Aurora in 2013).

Always follow the specific instructions from your Instructor.  The suggestions here are just a guide.

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