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The basics

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A Peninsula Library System library card from any of the 32 public libraries from Daly City to East Palo Alto and three college libraries may be used at the Cañada College Library. Take out a book here and return to any other branch, or vice versa.



Welcome, English 100 Students!
This guide will help you:

  • Find sources -- books, credible websites, and articles -- that you can use for your argumentative research essay.
  • Learn what a database is
  • Save and cite sources

You will need:

  • 6 sources total
  • At least 2 books (including Fast Food Nation and/or Stuffed and Starved)
  • At least 2 print sources (online versions of printed periodicals are OK)
  • Internet sources must be from credible sites



Possible topics


  • teenage workers
  • junk food in high schools
  • advertising in high schools
  • free speech in high schools
  • obesity in teenagers
  • obesity in the US
  • obesity in the world
  • genetically modified foods
  • food additives or food poisoning
  • animal cruelty
  • vegetarianism or veganism
  • the FDA, OSHA
  • development of California highways or cities
  • development of California agriculture
  • food safety
  • the meat-packing industry and unions 
  • immigrants in the meat-packing industry
  • immigrants in the US
  • unions in the US
  • the global justice movement
  • farming and free trade agreements, consolidation of the food industry