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Cañada Newspaper Archives: Cañada College Campus Newspaper Archives

Welcome to the Cañada College Newspaper Archives

Student newspapers are an amazing window into the past history of your college campus and campus life.

Told from the perspective of student writers and interviewees, stories provide an important and contrasting perspective to other historical and official college documents (i.e., Board of Trustees' minutes).

Many of the issues reported by students in the past remain of major interest today!

The Long Valley Gazette

Did you know? California community colleges were free until 1984. This article

reports on a Cañada student protest to raise awareness of upcoming fee hikes.

What's in a Student Newspaper?

  • College Sports
  • College Dance, Theater and Music
  • Culture Reviews
  • Opinion/Editorials
  • Student Government
  • Staff & faculty stories
  • Student polls & surveys
  • Political stories
  • Original cartoons
  • Advertisements

Access Digitized Newspapers

Cañada College students have published several campus newspapers over the years. The newspaper experienced several name changes, as well as gaps in publication. 

You can read, share, download and print any of the newspapers below. 

The Cañada Newspaper/The Newspaper, 1968-1972 (# issues)

The Weathervane, 1973-1982 (# of issues)

The Connection, 1982 (# of issues)

The Long Valley Gazette, 1983-1993 (# of issues)

The Long Valley Times, 1996 (# of issues)

Literary Magazines, 1970s (# of issues)

Search tips: Because keyword searching is not available,

1. First select the newspaper title above whose dates best correspond to the timeframe you're researching. 


2. Next, select a date folder for one academic year, such as 1968-1969.


3. Next, click on the pdf icon for the newspaper issue you'd like to view: 


4. Now you're ready to read, share, print, download or cite your article.