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Library materials on your computer (or phone)

Online Resources

Besides the printed books, magazines and journals available on the shelves, Library collections include literally thousands of online articles, ebooks, and streaming videos


About the Library


While the library building is closed for the pandemic (along with the rest of the College), our online collections are still available. And reference librarians are also available to answer your questions, Mondays - Fridays 8am - 3pm:



Welcome, English 100 students! 

This guide will supply you with information about finding books and articles to help you write your paper.

You will explore books, databases and Internet websites that are full of information, and help you figure out which sources are most useful for your information need.

You will also learn what a database is and how to use one.

What Do I Look for First - Books, Articles, Websites ...?

Actually, one of the best ways to start a research project is with pre-research -- looking up key concepts or people or events in your topic in an overview source, to get context, background, and an idea of how big or complex the topic is. Click on the tab above for Overview Sources to see some good places to do pre-research for your assignment in this class.

How Do I...?

TO MOVE AROUND THIS GUIDE: Click on any of the tabs above this box:

  • The Research Process: Describes the cycle of doing research for a college paper (or any important question, really).
  • Getting Started: exactly as it's titled.
  • Articles: This tab will lead you to a variety of subscription databases that contain articles on myriad topics. Included are recommended databases to search for this course.
  • Websites: Some freely-accessible resources that may be useful for your assignments in this class.
  • Evaluation: Questions to ask yourself as you look at any source, to figure out the bias, purpose, and trust-worthiness of its information.
  • Annotated Bibiography Assignment: This tab has details about this assignment, and additional information on annotated bibliographies.
  • MLA: This tab provides links to MLA documentation and formatting requirements.