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ENGL 105: Valenzuela: Sources for Articles and eBooks

Databases for Finding Articles

OneSearch - the everything at once approach

If your search phrase is specific (like the name of a person, place, or thing), or if your search phrase is only a few terms or a phrase (for example, voter fraud), this is a great place to start. It searches all at once for books and ebooks, scholarly articles, newspaper stories, and magazine articles.

Refine the search results to Cañada College for materials in our library collections. You can also limit the search to just one publication type (for example, only what is available online, or just articles).

Or, search in one database at a time. The advantage of this method is that you can use the Advanced Search mode for more focused searches, to avoid having to wade through lots of irrelevant material.

Each of these databases has its own strengths - use the one(s) that best suit your assignment.

For example, you'll find just newspaper articles in Newspapers Source Plus -- while General OneFile and Academic Source Complete will retrieve other materials too. Those databases aim to cover all topics.

For deeper or more focused searches, use the "Browse databases by subject" pull-down menu from the home page to find a resource that covers the subject area of your essay in more depth.

Using OneSearch

Finding Statistics, Opinions, or Both?

The most persuasive papers - and speeches - use a mix of factual data and the opinions of influential people. (The most compelling papers and speeches mention both pro and con opinions, and go on to convince the reader which is best.)

You may find either or both in articles, books, or encyclopedias. But if you want to find more of either, these sources can help.

These websites link to well-respected research reports with statistical data:

General OneFile

Newspaper Source Plus

Academic Search Complete - news & scholarly articles

Tip: Use AND & OR in Advanced Search Mode to be Specific

If you're having trouble finding exactly what you want, maybe using the Boolean logic operators AND & OR can help. Click on Advanced Search in our databases to do this. (You can also use AND & OR in Google Scholar, too!)