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ARTstor: Workshop Exercise

Exercise #1: Search & Save Images to a Group

Find three images that share a common theme/subject/attribute by searching using key words

  • Save your first image to a group by creating a new image group.
  • Title your new image group whatever you like
  • Select "Only Me" for now
  • Click RETURN to go back to your search
  • Search again and save two more images to the same group (Click "Add to Group")
  • Hint: You will need to type the first letter of your image group name for it to show up in the menu
  • (Feeling adventurous? Try Advanced search feature)

Exercise #2: Download Images to Word, Powerpoint or Canvas

Download an image or images to:

1. A Word or Google Doc.

  • Open a black Word or Google doc page
  • In search mode, download individual images jpegs using orange download button, then select download file
  • Generate a citation for each image for your Works Cited section

2. Download images to Powerpoint and email yourself your presentation

(Hint: From Group, request PPT)


3. Add individual images and/or a link to a group of images on a Canvas page