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Cañada College Library Student Assistants: Introduction to Library Research

Library Research

Please start by taking this Survey. See Survey Results Here.


  • What is research?
  • Why do research?
  • How can librarians help?
  • Research Process. Pre-research to the finished product (time management)

Overview of Library Website

Working with librarians

  • When to contact a librarian
  • Visting the reference desk / making an appointment

Finding Sources

  • Databases. Which databases to recommend for which topics (Activity: use GVRL to find an overview of a topic)
  • Catalog. How to search catalog (keyword, author, title, subject, advanced): (Activity: find books on the same topic
  • Super Search.  When to use it, advanced searching, refining results.  (Activity:  find a range of sources on the same topic)
  • Google techniques. Advanced Google, limited domain, Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News  (Activity: find e-resources via Google techniques on topic)
  • Wikipedia. Appropriate use of Wikipedia (Activity: Discuss the ways to use Wikipedia on topic

Evaluating Sources

  • Evaluating database results (Activity:  evaluate results from one database on topic; evaluate database results from Super Search on topic)
  • Website evaluation. CRAAP test. (Activity: Find a website on the topic at hand and evaluate it using CRAAP test.)   

Using Sources

  • EasyBib. (Activity: Cite one or two of the above sources.)
  • Citation guides (Take a look at Diana Hacker’s guides, esp. the example research paper


Subject Guide