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ENGL 100 Freyberg Human Rights: Recommended Websites


Helpful websites for learning about human rights issues include:              


Human Rights Watch                                               

Within Reach: A Roadmap for Immigration Reform

Amnesty International                                              

Southern Poverty Law Center                                

Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC)        

                (BAATC) Freedom Summit 2013           

National Human Trafficking Resource Center   

National Coalition for the Homeless                   

(Stanford) Program on Human Rights                

(Stanford) Human Rights Center                        

National Center on Elder Abuse                         

United Nations

                Universal Declaration of Human Rights

                Millennium Development Goals          

                Charter of the United Nations              

                Human Rights                                         

                United Nations (home)                         

                Documents & Resources                     

                “Plain language” Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Made in a Free World                                            

Better World Shopper                                            

Slavery Footprint                                                     

Trade as One                                                          

European Court of Human Rights                      

European Union: Human Rights                        

International Criminal Court                                

Coalition for the International Criminal Court  

International Crisis Group                                  

Enough: The Project to End Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity:


The National Security Archive (George Washington University


United for Human Rights                                      

Desmond Tutu Peace Center                              

Desmond Tutu on “Who We Are”                        

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Ubuntu Vision:   

Message from Desmond Tutu for UN Event on “The Role of Leaders”


The Riddle: new anti-homophobia message from UN human rights


Border Stories                                                         

White House: Immigration Issues                     

State of the Union: 2012 DREAM Act                 

Rachel Maddow: Students risk all for stand on immigration


A Step in the Right Direction



Made into America: Immigrant Stories from the Bay Area:


Partners in Health:                                                

Paul Farmer: I Believe in Health Care as a Human Right:


Youth for Human Rights