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ENGL 100 Freyberg Human Rights: Evaluating Websites

Where do Internet Sources Come From?

   Evaluate your results by considering:

  • Who is the author?
  • Who is the publisher:  what business or organization is putting this information on the internet?
  • Is there a date?
  • Where is their information coming from?  Do they provide references?
  • Who is the target audience? children, teens, adults, academia?

Are the facts in the website accurate?


 v  Can the site's information be verified elsewhere, maybe in a print source? 


  v  Is any bibliography given as proof of research?


 v  Question the information - don't take at face value.  

Click on the picture to check out this website.  

 How do you know the information on this site is accurate?  Hint--What is the peer review status?  Is this site accredited?


Who is the author & do they know what they are talking about?

Click on the picture to check out this website. 

Who are the consultants for this website?  What are their qualifications on the site's topic?

v  Who is the author? Does the author have any expertise in the area?  


v  Is the link an .edu or .gov? These are usually good sources of information.  


v  Is it a .com site? It may be strictly commercially motivated - be careful!!


Is the information current? Or is it out of date?



v  Has the site been updated recently? Do they even have an 'updated date' or 'time' listed?

v  Are the links current or dead?

v  Is the material consistent with your knowledge of the topic?   


Click on the picture to check out this website.  

  When was this site last updated?


Is the page's bias obvious? Or is it hidden?


Click on the picture to check out this website. 

Look at the "About Us Section".  Check out the Board of Directors.  What affiliation does the Chairman of the Board have with the ACLU?  Do you think he is able to be objective about it?

v  What is the purpose of the page?

v  Does the page present factual information? Why was this page written and for whom?

v  Is there advertising on the page? Can you tell the difference between advertising & information?

v  What is NOT being said?