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BIOL 130: Walsh: Citations

A research guide for researching databases for research related to professor Walsh's Current Issues Project in Biology.

Citation Guide


The 6th and final edition of the Council of Biology Editors' (CBE) Scientific Style and Format book was published in 1994. After 2000, this citation style was renamed as CSE (Council of Science Editors).

CSE Style: When you use data in the CSE citation-sequence system, you need to put a number at the end of the sentence. This number corresponds to a citation in your list of references that will show the reader where you found the information. Example and lots of help with citing sources: CSE Citation Guide

Online Sources: 

Author(s) if applicable. Title if applicable. Name of website or journal title if electronic journal*. [Year/month source last updated; year/month you accessed site]; if online journal article give volume (issue): page numbers. Available from: http://www.url.



Citation Tool Generators

Citation Tool Generators can be helpful in creating you citations if you already understand what information you need for your citation. These citation tools support CBE/CSE citation style:

KingCitation Generator

ResearchoMatic Citation Generator