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Business Research: Find Articles & News

A guide to business research at Cañada College Library

Searching Article Databases

You can search article databases for news and research about your industry, company, or market research.  Combine keywords and short phrases with the word "AND" to search for those words and phrases within articles. If searching for a phrase place the phrase between quotes.


  • Industry Search: fast-food restaurants AND "profit margin"
  • Company Search: Facebook AND "social responsibility" 
  • Market Research Search: teenagers AND social media 

Searching Tips

Keywords are:

  • A good way to start a search.
  • The important concepts in your own words.
  • Found anywhere in the article (title, author, subject terms, etc.)

Limit to Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly articles:

  • Journal articles go through a peer-review process. Being peer-reviewed is a sign that a paper's author(s) have done a certain level of due diligence in their work and their research is complete, manages conflicts-of-interest, and is fair and objective.

Narrow the Date Range:

  • When looking for Current Research or Evidence-Based Practices limit your date range to the last 3-5 years.

Business Databases

The following library databases will help you find articles in magazines, journals, and newspapers about companies and industries and various business topics. Databases are owned by a few different companies, and the library pays for access to make relevant sources available for your research. The sources in the databases are rarely available for free on the open web.


Types of Articles

When searching in article databases or finding articles online, sometimes it is challenging to determine which type of article you have found.

There are key differences between scholarly, popular and professional publications. For a side-by-side comparison check out the following Quick Reference chart from University of British Colombia Libraries:

How to Search Statista Database