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ENGL 100 Enrique's Journey: Searching Tips

Immigration unit based on the book "Enrique's Journey."

Search Preparation


Topic Argument #1

Mother's Who Immigrate to the United States Should Not Immigrate with Their Children 

Divide the your topic into key concepts:  

1. immigration
2. Mothers
3. refugee children

4. dangers

5. "emotional trauma"

6. opportunities 

7. death
8. youth gangs


Topic Argument #2

Mother's Who Immigrate to the United States Should  Immigrate with Their Children:

Use the above key concepts but add additional key terms to narrow your search for Argument  #2
             4. Refugee Youth and Children's Services

             5. The Dream Act

Next Step:

Your key words might be discussed in different ways.  So list as many synonyms for your terms as you can. The more synonyms you experiment with, the broader your search results. 

Connect your synonyms with "OR" 

1. immigrat* OR immigrants OR resettlement OR emigration

2.  mothers OR families 

3. children OR "children of immigrants" OR "immigrant youth"

4. dangers OR violence OR death 


Search Strategy


Now take your key concepts and string them together using  "AND" to combine your terms. 

For example: 

Take your main key concepts: 

immigrat* AND mothers  AND children AND dangers

Add your synonyms with "OR" 

For example: 


(immigrat* OR resettlements) AND (mothers OR families) AND

(children OR youth) AND (dangers OR death)