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ENGL 100 Enrique's Journey: Web Sites

Immigration unit based on the book "Enrique's Journey."


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"immigrant mothers"  AND "leaving behind children"


When mothers leave their children behind

CR Schen - Harvard review of psychiatry, 2005 - Taylor & Francis
... mothers in prison; homeless mothersmothers whose children have been removed by the
Department of Social Services; immigrant mothers; and navy ... Let us review the literature on
mother-child separations in these different populations. ... Mentally ill mothers and their children...

“I'm here, but I'm there” the meanings of Latina transnational motherhood

P Hondagneu-Sotelo, E Avila - Gender & Society, 1997 -
... countries for annual fiestas or to visit family members, most Latino immigrants are here ... Motherhood
How do women transform the meaning of motherhood to fit immigration and employment? ... to do
for them." Most transnational mothers, like many other immigrant workers, come ...

[HTML] Migrant parents and the psychological well‐being of left‐behind children in Southeast Asia

E Graham, LP Jordan - Journal of Marriage and Family, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
... Another study among Caribbean immigrants to Canada, also using standardized scales, found ...
not therefore face the same disruptions and losses experienced by immigrant children in Europe ...
Despite considerable efforts, very few households where Thai mothers had migrated ...

I felt like my heart was staying behind: Psychological implications of family separations & reunifications for immigrant youth

C Suárez-Orozco, HJ Bang, HY Kim - Journal of Adolescent …, 2010 -
... Worldwide, more than 214 million are immigrants and refu- gees, many of whom leave behind
loved ... family often takes many years, especially when complicated by financial hurdles and
convoluted immigration regulations (Bernhard et al ... Immigrant Family Separations Research ...

" For the dream of being here, one sacrifices...": voices of immigrant mothers in a home visiting program.

R Paris - American journal of orthopsychiatry, 2008 -
... I was getting ready to get on a bus but they [immigration authorities] got there and were going
to take us away ... IMMIGRANT MOTHERS IN A HOME VISITING PROGRAM ... the chance to earn
money to send home, as well as to counter the isolation that they felt as new immigrants...

[BOOK] Children of immigration

C Suárez-OrozcoMM Suárez-Orozco - 2009 -
... and children.We examine the gains and losses that come about with immigration... opportunities,
and stresses in family dynamics, including new roles for immigrant children, “social demotions ...
In Chapter 4, we discuss how the children of immigrants reformulate their identities in ...

Making up for lost time: The experience of separation and reunification among immigrant families

C Suårez‐Orozco, ILG Todorova, J Louie - Family process, 2002 - Wiley Online Library
... is representative of a nonclinical population of recently arrived immigrants currently entering ... of
reasons, including financial obstacles, difficulties with legalizing immigration status, as ... students
face, several spontaneously offered observations about immigrant family separations. ...

Living with migration: Experiences of left-behind children in the Philippines

MMB Asis - Asian population studies, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
... situation is not ideal, but it is not unthinkable—and not as worrisome—because mothers are
around ... in a study of the role played by the children of Mexican immigrants in their ... (1999) ' Gender
roles and settlement activities among children and their immigrant families ', American ...

Morland, Lyn, et al. "Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services: A Case Study of Cross-Service Training.Child Welfare, vol. 84, no. 5, Sep/Oct2005, pp. 791-812. EBSCOhost,

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