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ECE 225/241: Find Books

Administration, Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Book Searching Tips

Search Any Field to search using keywords:
e.g.  leadership 

Have a phrase? Search with quotes:

e.g.  "school management"

Search  Subject Field, which utilizes the Library of Congress Subject Headings to locate items on the same subject.

Try the following relevant subject headings:

  • school administrators
  • educational leadership
  • early childhood education--United States
  • early childhood educators




Books in the Library

Library of Congress Classification System

Academic libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System to show a book's location on the shelf, defined by a call number on the spine of the book.

The subject of Education is listed in Class L of this Classification.  Class L is further broken down into subclasses such as LA, LB, and LC that define more specific topics.

Some important subclasses for Education are listed below:

LA5 - 2396   History of Education

LB1050.9- 1091   Educational psychology

LB1101 - 1139   Child study

LB1140 - 1140.5   Preschool education. Nursery schools

LB1141 - 1489   Kindergarten

LB1501 - 1547   Primary education

LB1555 - 1602   Elementary or public school education

LB1705 - 2286   Education and training of teachers and administrators

LB2300 - 2430   Higher education

LB2801 - 3095   School administration and organization