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Affordable Housing Crisis: Recommended Websites

Recommended Websites

1,500 Stories: Giving Voice to Economic Inequality

Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University: The Center is engaged in research in the following areas: community development, home repair, remodeling and green improvements, home ownership programs and policy, housing demographics, housing finance and policy, housing market trends and developments, rental housing, programs, and policy, and urbanization and housing

National Low Income Housing Coalition: The NLIHC is a advocacy organization "dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes." (NLIHC website) The NLIHC website offers fact sheets on various initatives, data, and links.

National Housing Conference (NHC): The NHC is not-for-profit organization "dedicated to helping ensure safe, decent and affordable housing for all in America." (NHC website) The NHC website offers news and publications.

National Housing Law Project: The NHLP is a "law and advocacy center . . . dedicated to advancing housing justice for the poor." (NHLP website) Under its "Attorney/Advocate Resource Center," the NHLP website offers articles, sample documents, legal references and links, organized by topic. The NHLP website elsewhere posts guidebooks, training materials, news, outlines, and more. Some portions of the website are limited to registered users.

National Fair Housing Alliance: The NFHA is a not-for-profit organization "dedicated solely to ending discrimination in housing." (NFHA website) The NFHA website offers links to pertinent legal resources—including laws, regulations, HUD guidance, cases, and reports.

Shelterforce: The NHI is a not-for-profit organization "dedicated to fostering decent, affordable housing . . . for everyone." (NHI website) The NHI website offers research reports, a blog, and current and back issues of its publication, Shelterforce: The Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building.

UC Berkeley Urban Displacement Project: The Urban Displacement Project is a research and action initiative of UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers at UCLA and Portland State University. The project aims to understand the nature of gentrification and displacement in the Bay Area, Southern California and Portland. It focuses on creating tools to help communities identify the pressures surrounding them and take more effective action.

The Urban Institute: Urban Institute researchers monitor and assess housing market trends to provide timely, impartial data and analysis on the housing finance system, access to homeownership, rental housing affordability, and homelessness. We assess the effectiveness of housing assistance programs and educate policymakers and the public on how the housing finance system affects households, communities, and the broader economy.