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ENGL 100 /105 Terzakis and Maher: Activism project

Activism project: Research Source Requirements

Research Source Requirements: 

  • You will need to find at least four credible sources that will help you answer the questions listed below (under Guidelines) for your presentation. 

  • For your presentation, you might use sources that are more popular including websites and short news reports, rather than scholarly sources, but you should have at least two substantive sources: a journal or long database article, an in-depth magazine article, or something similar (for answering #2 below, most likely).

  • One source may help you answer multiple questions, but it’s a good idea to not rely too much on just one or two articles. Find out what other voices say, if you can. 

Streaming databases

Activism project: List of activists

List of young (and a few “pretty young”) activists for you to choose from

  1. Gaby Pacheco--immigrant rights

  2. Patrisse Cullors (Patrisse Khan Cullors)--black lives matter

  3. Colin Kaepernik--fighting against police brutality, racial justice

  4. Greta Thunberg--environmental activist

  5. Jasilyn Charger--indigenous youth activist, environmentalist, mental health awareness

  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez--young congresswoman from NY supporting progressive issues

  7. Emma Gonzalez or Jaclyn Corin (both Parkland teens)--gun reform

  8. Megan Rapinoe--gender equality in sports

  9. Cierra Fields--Native American sexual assault activist

  10. Claudia Rueda (not the children’s author but the immigration activist)

  11. Malala Yousafzai--Nobel Peace prize winner, fighting for girls freedom and education

  12. Jamie Margolin--climate activist, LGBT activist

  13. Isra Hirsi--environmental activist

  14. Helena Gualinga--indigenous environmental activist, Ecuadorian

  15. Meek Mill--criminal justice reform activist

  16. Kay Ulanday Barrett--transgender and disability rights educator

  17. Linda Sarsour--fighting for women’s rights, Palenstinian-American

  18. Maru Mora Villalpando--immigrant rights

  19. Tarana Burke--sexual assault activist

  20. Alice Wong--disability rights activist

Or you can choose one of these groups rather than individuals (they are doing important work on some different topics than the list above!)

  1. Black Lives Matter

  2. United We Dream

  3. ReZpect Our Water (Dakota Access Pipeline) Group

  4. Me Too

  5. Immigrants Rising

  6. Campaign for Youth Justice

  7. California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

  8. ADAPT (American Disabled For Attendant Programs Today)

  9. The Sentencing Project

  10. SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice--there is a Bay Area Chapter!)

  11. The Trevor Project