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Online Resources and Services for Students: Reduced Cost Internet For You!

Online Resources and Services during the COVID-19 Crisis

Internet Access

You can't attend your classes online if you can't access the internet, but accessing the internet is, well, it's really expensive! Here's a list of internet providers that are offering free or reduced-cost internet during the COVID-19 crisis. Fee free to try any or all of them, and pass on the message to anyone you know who's struggling to get online. Also, please keep in mind that these corporations will change their policies periodically and this page might not have the most current info. We will try to keep it updated, but contact the company for the most up to date information about their offers.


As part of the Keep Americans Connected Pledge, AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Google Fiber, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile will not disconnect any customers for the 60 days following March 16th, regardless of payment status.