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PLSC 310 California Poli-Sci Historical Biography: Home

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Welcome to the Online Research Guide for PLSC 310!

California State Seal


Political geography assignment

A.You will be assigned a founding California family or person to research and evaluate their political significance:

1.     Henry H. Haight          15. Father Serra                  29. Jefa Sarah Winnemucca

2.     James Flood              16. Francis of Assisi             30. Marietta L. Stow

3.     William H. Crocker      17. William Richardson         31. Peter H. Burnett

4.     William C. Ralston      18. Alcalde F. de Haro          32. Romualdo Pacheco

5.     John B. Montgomery   19. John D. Sloat                 33. John C. Fremont

6.     Levi Strauss               20. Domingo Ghirardelli        34. George W. Wright

7.     Leland Stanford          21. Mark Hopkins                35. Edward Gilbert

8.     Henry Miller               22. Collis P. Huntington         36. S. Clinton Hastings

9.     Charles Lux               23. Charles Crocker              37. Edward J.C. Kewen

10. William Sharon           24. David Hewes                  38. Cesar Chavez

11. Lloyd Tevis                25. William H. Hall               39. Dolores Huerta

12. Adolph Sutro              26. John McLaren                 40. Phoebe Apperson Hearst

13. Biddy Mason              27. John Sutter                    41. Alice McLellan Bimey

14. John Muir                  28. James Marshall


B. Address the following issues in a thorough manner:

Government positions held
Laws/Acts supported

Greater Good


Land ownership
Location significance
How contributed to political, social and economic power


C. What is the relationship between your topic’s contributions to California and the Progressive Movement, specifically Direct Democracy?


D. Details:

  • 1-2 pages typed, double spaced and 12-point font
  • Follow APA format for the title and reference pages
  • References should include at minimum one scholarly journal article using the JSTOR database, one book and an original newspaper article from America’s Historical Newspapers library database.
  • Upload your completed assignment to