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Primary Sources: Medieval History (5th century - 14th century)

Books: Medieval History

Do a subject search using the subject headings below to find primary sources in the Peninsula Library System Catalog.

  • sources
  • personal narratives
  • diaries
  • correspondence
  • autobiography

These are examples of some of the books we have that collect primary sources.

Avalon Project

Online Sources: Medieval History

Internet History Sourcebook: Medieval History  A collection of primary sources from Forham University. Search by keyword or browse by subject.


Monastic Matrix   A scholarly resource for the study of women's religious communities from 400 to 1600 CE. Part of Ohio State University.


Epistolae: Medieval Women's Letters  Epistolae is a collection of letters to and from women dating from the 4th to the 13th century AD. These letters from the Middle Ages, written in Latin, are presented with English translations and are organized by the women participating. Biographical sketches of the women and descriptions of the subject matter or the historic context of the letter is included where available. Part of Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, Columbia University.

World History In Context Database

World History in Context moves chronologically over 5,000 years from antiquity to the present and geographically around the globe, to ensure that the events, movements and individuals that defined, informed and shaped world history are covered with a sense of balance. In this database you will find:

  • Reference articles from encyclopedias and compendiums
  • Journal Articles
  • Magazine Articles
  • Maps and imagees
  • Primary documents
  • Video and audio selections from archival newsreels to NPR

Ask a librarian or watch an introductory tutorial here for questions about using this database.

eBooks: PLS Collection (EBSCO) Database

To find primary sources go to "Advanced Search" and do a subject search for "sources" along with your keywords on another line.