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Business Research: Industry Information

A guide to business research at Cañada College Library

Identify the Industry

The Federal government classifies manufacturing and service industries and assigns each a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code number in order to promote the comparability of statistics. The codes can be very helpful in doing industry research.

Beginning with the 1997 Economic Census, the Census Bureau began using a new North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) which is more closely aligned with international codes.

Industry Overviews

Industry profiles present detailed information and statistics for hundreds of industries both domestic and foreign. 

Search Business Source Elite, enter an industry name a search field and then combine with keywords like "industry profile," "trend" "overview" "forecast" or "market share". In addition, MarketLine reports contained within this database is a great source for profiles of industries.

Search Business Insights Global,  for company and industry profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, market research, articles and Datamonitor industry reports. Select “industry” from drop down menu and use keywords related to your industry to locate industry reports.



Industry, Trade, Association Websites

Associations on the Net - Type association name in search box or browse by subject.

Search Google  for organizational websites which can provide statistics, current trends and news.

Industry Current News & Articles

Business Source Elite - Full text of thousands of journals, magazines, and trade publications.

Newspaper Source Plus - Provides full text for over 1,000 U.S. and international newspapers.