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Business Research: Company Information

A guide to business research at Cañada College Library

Places to Start

A Company's website: look for the company history, mission, vision, 10K report, and media/news/press releases.

Company Profiles in Library Databases:  Business Insights, Business Source Elite

Information on public companies is readily available than on  private companies or subsidiaries.




How to Read a 10-K

How to read a 10-K

Sections of the 10-K, differences between 10-K and Annual Report to Shareholders.



Company Profiles

The library has subscriptions to various databases which contain company and industry information. Try the following databases for company profiles and financials.  

Business Insights: Global  

Detailed company and industry profiles, including SWOT reports, market share reports, rankings, investment reports, scholar articles, news, financial data, and case studies. Select “industry” from drop down menu and use keywords related to your industry to locate industry reports.Search by company name for a detailed company profile.

Business Source Elite 

Includes profiles for more than 10,000 companies worldwide. Also provides full-text journals in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, finance, and economics. Click on "Company Profiles" link at the top of the page, takes you to a collection of MarketLine Reports which provide you with Company Profiles, Industry Profiles, and SWOT Analysis.


NOTE: MarketLine Reports --  Company Profiles, Industry Profiles, and SWOT Analyses -- are available in the Business Source Elite  database.


Annual Report and 10-K

A public company's 10-K (or 20-F for certain foreign companies) is an excellent source of information on its business, strategies, risks, financials, and more. Private companies or subsidiaries are not required to release detailed financials, and therefore don't need to file 10-K (annual report), 10-Q (quarterly report), etc. 

Company Financial Information

Useful websites for current company financials: 

Company Rankings