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ECE 201 Child Development Day: Articles

Fall 2018 ECE 201 class

Online ECE Journals

Academic Search Complete


Choosing your search terms

Useful terms for stages of development (note overlap):          

  • Infants [birth to approx. 24 months]
  • Toddlers [birth to approx. 24 months]
  • Young children [birth - approx. 8 years]
  • Children [birth - approx. 12 years]
  • Preadolescents [approx. 9-12 years]
  • Early adolescents [approx. 11-15]
  • Adolescents [approx. 13-17]

Useful terms for theories of child development:

  • child development
  • developmentally appropriate practices
  • cognitive development
  • social development
  • Piaget* (use the * wildcard at the end)
  • Vygotsky
  • Erikson
  • Montessori
  • Waldorf
  • Dewey

Logging into the Databases from Off-Campus

When you search the Library databases from off campus you will be asked to login using your Library Card.

  • Login = number on your library card
  • Password = the last 4 digits of your phone number

If you have any trouble logging in call us at the circulation desk:  (650) 306-3485

Finding Articles - Searching Databases

Searching for articles to use in this assignment is easiest if do 2 separate searches, one for each age group listed above.

First  step:        Choosing where to look

RECOMMENDED : Cañada College Library databases: ERIC, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Academic Search Complete

Second Step:        Choosing Search Terms

RECOMMENDED : Use an online thesaurus to look up the language of education professionals (see Articles tab for recommended search terms).

1. Potentially useful terms to describe the age group you're considering:






2. Names or terms associated with human developmental theories (or concepts of development) that you intend to write about:










Third Step:        Putting search strategies together

Using Advance Search Mode, 

    In the first  search box type:

        terms for the age group you're interested in, connecting each separate term with OR

Make sure that the boxes are connected with AND

    In the second search box, type:

        terms associated with the theory or concept you're interested in, connecting each separate term with OR



If you want to focus your search even more, use the third search box for narrowing term(s), as in the example below that looks for articles that discuss Piaget's ideas of how play functions for preschool-aged kids.

Fourth Step:         Making sure you can get the full text of the article.

In the Limits section, check the fox for Full text, like this:

Fifth Step:        Selecting the articles that look useful, and capturing them.

Save the items that look promising by putting them into a Folder; then Email the saved items to yourself. Be sure to choose to display the citations in APA format.