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How to register to vote and verify that you are registered to vote

Secretary of State - Voting In California
Secretario de Estado - Registrarse para votar

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Can you pass a citizenship test?

What's on the ballot?

Every four years we vote for president. It is impossible not to be aware of presidential elections. the next presidential election will be held in 2020.

Elections between presidential elections are called "midterm" elections. The next midterm election is November 6, 2018.

On the ballot are many local measures that determine whether there is money to fix roads on your neighborhood or add to your local schools. As big an impact as the outcome of a presidential election has, all elections include state propositions and local measures that affect whether you have rent control or are paying more fees to register your car.

To find out what you and your neighbors are voting for, you will have to read the fine print. Each proposition or measure is outlined with pro and con arguments as well as a neutral analysis.