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ESL 914 Aguirre

Research speech guide

These steps will help you prepare and organize your research for speech #2.

1. Think of a topic that is totally new to you and that you do not have a lot of knowledge or information about. It should be something that you are interested in learning and want to share with the class.

2. Write down your ideas and decide on the topic that you want to speak about.

3. After the Library research workshop, research your topic and read various articles from a variety of sources. You should read at least eight (8) different articles.

4. The following are the assignments that you complete and send to me.

• Write a summary using the information that you learned from your research.

• Make an outline of your speech. Make sure that your topic and concluding sentences are clear on your outline and that your main points and examples are part of the body of your outline.

• Add all of the resources that you researched in MLA format on a separate page. Title it "Resources."

5. You will use all of this information to present your research speech and create a PowerPoint presentation.

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