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ESL 914 Aguirre: Welcome


ESL 914 introduces students to advanced integrated practice in reading, speaking and listening for academic English. Special attention is paid to advanced vocabulary and comprehension of original authentic readings and is designed to prepare students for college-level entry courses.

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MLA citation guides and link

Textbooks for ESL 914 available in Cañada College Course Reserves

The Color of Water

McBride, James. The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother Bloomsbury Paperbacks, 2014.

Longman Academic Reading Series 4 with Essential Online Resources

Cohen, Robert F., and Judy L. Miller. Longman Academic Reading Series. Reading Skills for College 4. Pearson Education, 2017.

Book reviews and excerpts of The Color of Water with in-text citations.

Here are some reviews of The Color of Water by James McBride.

Below are two quotes from The Color of Water with in-text citations. In-text citations include the author's surname and the page number between parentheses, like this: (McBride 44). Notice that the period in the sentence comes after the last parenthesis of the in-text citation.

"My parents were nonmaterialistic. They believed that money without knowledge was worthless, that education tempered with religion was the way to climb out of poverty in America, and over the years they were proven right'' (McBride 21).

"God is the color of water. Water doesn't have a color" (McBride 39).

Search for The Color of Water author James McBride in the Biography in Context database to find the answer to these questions:

  • Why did James McBride's mother agreed to be interviewed for The Color of Water?
  • What are the titles of two other books written by this author?
  • What two groups' musical traditions does McBride believe hip-hop music come from?

Here is the MLA citation for that article:

"James McBride." Contemporary Black Biography, vol. 87, Gale, 2011. Gale In Context:      Biography, Accessed 17 Feb. 2022.

Library services

The Cañada College Library, on the third floor of Building 9, offers computers, textbooks, technology, research help, printing, and group study rooms.

Library computers do not require you to log in and do not have a time limit so you can come and stay all day. Chromebooks, hotspots and calculators can be checked out from the circulation desk after you complete a technology loan agreement.

Search for textbooks available at the library. If you do not see your textbook, fill out the Textbook request form for students.

Reference & Instruction librarian

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Cañada College Library
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